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WORK WITH USPalmera Agency is a resort staff agency based in Germany and has a sister company based in Switzerland under the license Nr. CHE-480.003.958 with many years of experience, providing entertainment teams and Staff to resorts and hotels in Greece, Cyprus and Other Mediterranean countries. We have experience solutions for facilities ranging from club-styled hotels to luxurious resorts.

Palmera Agency focus on supplying staff from all around the world. We can supply all multilingual staff speaking any language your resort requires. In addition to our knowledgeable and dedicated staff we can offer a variety of quality products from our affiliate across the world at reasonable rates.


What can we offerPalmera Agency has a fresh new approach to the business, but we´re more than familiar with the ins and outs of hotels.,Tweety years of experience has given our director a wealth of wisdom to rely on. He begins to shape what he knows to be truly comprehensive solutions to provide your facility with all the competent staff and necessary resources.


day timePalmera Agency is dedicated to supply your Hotel with all the adept, smiling and knowledgeable staff it may need; ; receptionists, waiters, bartenders… or one of our outstanding animation teams. Palmera Agency is focusing on finding the best people for you. We organize Castings, training courses for our staff and pre season preparatory seminars to ensure the smooth running Work at your Resort. We also provide your hotel with the resources it needs, from costumes or decorations to set design and lightning. We pride ourselves on supplying the best product. Our promise is your satisfaction, with all of the services we provide.


A holiday spent relaxing on a sun-bed may be all the fun or excitement some guests are looking for, but we try to keep any interested guest on the move, enjoying a variety of friendly, noncompetitive, and fun activities throughout the day. From sports to trivia, we want to make sure that everyone enjoys their day in the sun with us.

A few examples of our daily activities: Archery, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Badminton, Darts, Aqua Gym, Quizzes, Soccer, Beach Volley, different tournaments and competitions, or even our own Olympic games.


For a child, a holiday isn´t just a break from home and school; it´s an opportunity to make new friends, experience a new culture, and see everything from fresh, exuberant eyes. Palmera Entertainment knows the importance of pleasing and entertaining children. Our children´s program strives to provide the strongest variety of activities to make sure children are happy, occupied and entertained.

Puppet shows, treasure hunts or rehearsing for their evening show. Keeping the children busy and having fun helps parents relax and enjoy their holiday as they please. Keeping the kids happy and safe is important, but how do you entertain the energetic juniors all day long? At Palmera Entertainment, we have found that best solution is helping them to use that energy. A daily program fully loaded with sports and tournaments helping them to make new friends; satisfied and happy, just the way their parents want them to be.


With a diverse selection of shows to offer we can provide entertainment for all your guests, whatever their age. We know that there will be no seat unoccupied, with smiles gracing the faces of all in attendance, when our team delivers a professional entertainment program that is reserved for the evening show. A variety of spectacular shows ranging from Musicals to live singing shows, and a great assortment of evening entertainment involving the audience such as Ladies Night, Comedy Shows ,Dance around the world …


We understand that some facilities don’t require a full evening´s entertainment program for their need an incredible set of evening programs to really entertain them, when they have the chance. Palmera Entertainment can provide you with a variety of professional events and shows or Life playing bands that will keep your guests amazed and satisfied.


PALMERA CLUB STAFF Dedication, talent and ability, are an important part of providing the best services. We select all of our staff trough castings and auditions in as many countries as possible. Working in a resort or hotel is good fun for the staff, but we consider it very important that the job must be taken seriously. We promote a creative, insightful and comprehensive approach to any position in the organization preserving the ideals of professionalism.

We know that success depends on a team with the diversity of skills to handle any situation. Whatever nationality you cater for, we can supply staff who can communicate effectively, team members who offer talent, skills and dedication.


INSURANCE AND SOCIAL SECURITY We provide social security, full health and work accident insurance for all of our staff. Each employee is holder of A1 form, which means that our client has no obligation to pay social security, including health insurance in the country of the employment. Palmera Agency will send A1 Form signed from the Swiss social security Authority to the hotel within the time of employee´s arrival to the work destination. In case of visit of local social security Authority or any other institution, hotel is able to present that security contributions of the employees are paid in Switzerland.

As well if needed, we are able to provide for our clients the double taxation form signed from Swiss Tax authority.


INSURANCE AND SOCIAL SECURITY Animation is the strongest link you have to your customers. A strong line of communication between you and the animation team can help you better understand what it is your guests are looking for. An excellent animation program can stimulate customers to return, improve public and online reviews, giving guests the feeling of satisfaction to have stayed at your facility and have a memorable holiday.

We can help you to improve your profit margin per capita via promotion of hotel services, keeping the people at your bar in the evening. Animation is your connection with customers; without a strong connection, you lose many profitable business opportunities.


Why should you work with us - We offer the best quality and best performance in animation.

- We offer the safest and the least expensive way to upgrade for better entertainment services in your Hotel.

- You will have the most reliable partner, willing to establish long-term cooperation.

- We are ready to act fast in solving any possible problems that may arise.

- You are able to be easily at all times in personal contact trough supervising managers in your area.

- You will have the most prestigious and well established international company as a partner.

- Palmera Agency is contracting animators – therefore all the costs for each animator including: recruiting, interweaving, advertisements, training, all taxes, insurance, salaries, etc. will be covered by our company.

- We will replace unsuitable team member within 7 day on Agency's expenses

- As well all the cost of flight tickets and transfers to the hotel is covered by Palmera Agency