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PalmeraClub Entertainment


Evening entertainment With a diverse selection of shows to offer we can provide entertainment for all your guests, whatever their age.
We know that there will be no seat unoccupied, with smiles gracing the faces of all in attendance, when our team delivers a professional entertainment program that is reserved for the evening show. A variety of spectacular shows ranging from Musicals to live singing shows, and a great assortment of evening entertainment involving the audience such as Ladies Night, Comedy Shows ,Dance aroud the world …

dazzling showsFrom dazzling dance shows, to fire and magic, hilarious comedies, or one of many audience interactive shows;
we strive to have every guest on their feet when the final bow comes. A standing ovation is our goal every evening, and Palmera Club's dedication to professional delivery with enthusiasm helps us to meet this goal most every show.


daytime activitiesA holiday spent relaxing on a sun-bed may be all the fun or excitement some guests are looking for, but we try to keep any interested guest on the move, enjoying a variety of friendly, noncompetitive, and fun activities throughout the day. From sports to trivia, we want to make sure that everyone enjoys their day in the sun with us.

A few examples of our daily activities: Archery, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Badminton, Darts, Aqua Gym, Quizzes, Soccer, Beach Volley, different tournaments and competitions, or even our own Olympic games.


childrenFor a child, a holiday isn´t just a break from home and school; it´s an opportunity to make new friends, experience a new culture, and see everything from fresh, exuberant eyes. Palmera Entertainment knows the importance of pleasing and entertaining children. Our children´s program strives to provide the strongest variety of activities to make sure children are happy, occupied and entertained.

Puppet shows, treasure hunts or rehearsing for their evening show. Keeping the children busy and having fun helps parents relax and enjoy their holiday as they please. Keeping the kids happy and safe is important, but how do you entertain the energetic juniors all day long?

juniorsAt Palmera Entertainment, we have found that best solution is helping them to use that energy. A daily program fully loaded with sports and tournaments helping them to make new friends; satisfied and happy, just the way their parents want them to be.