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Working AbroadDo you have the adventurous spirit to free yourself, and explore new parts of the world. Did you ever imagine you could find yourself waking up to a Mediterranean sun every morning? Palmera Club offers you the opportunity to start your adventure.

There's some things that you just don't understand until you've felt it for yourself. Finding yourself smiling all day, because you want to, can teach you many things about your own personal lifestyle. Being a part of a team, and coming to rely on yourself; these things can help you to start understanding what kind of person you really are.


Fun in the sunPalmera Club feels that you should be happy everyday, but we make sure that you enjoy your day off to the fullest. From Palmera Parties, to seeing the local landmarks, we want to help you to enjoy the new world around you.

There plenty more than just the sun however; learning new languages, making friends from all over the world, all the while experiencing a variety of new cultures.

Leaving your country to work in a new place can be exciting, but it can also be a little scary. Palmera Club wants our staff to feel assured that they can rely on Palmera Club to offer them the companionship and brotherhood of supporting them in their new home.


Duty of the AnimatorEach animator has his specific duties, depends which position he has in the team. The main function of animator is to take care of the hotel guests during their holiday, organizes animation program in cooperation with his team, entertain quests with different kinds of sports, social activities and create an atmosphere so that the guests enjoy their holiday.

Chief animator creates, organizes and is responsible for the whole animation program, gives tasks to all the members of the team, controlling if the daily program and activities are running, like they should be. Very important part of his duties is also moderate evening shows and programs in different languages. Sport or fitness animator organizes sport activities and games during the day, is in friendly contact with the guest and also participates in the evening show. Kids animator organize program and games for the children in the mini club, as well taking part and organize mini disco and kids shows in the evening. All round animator is taking part in all the daily activities, mini club, public relation and evening entertainment.


Join Palmera Club TeamAre you crazy about sports, dancing, acting or working with children? Do you have the adventurous spirit to free yourself, and explore new parts of the world? Did you ever imagine you could find yourself waking up to the sunshine every morning in Greece, Spain, Egypt, and Brazil...? Palmera Club is the place for you to find the adventure of your lifetime: meeting new people, learning languages, and discovering new cultures from all around the world.

Do you have the adventurous spirit to free yourself, and explore new parts of the world? Did you ever imagine you could find yourself waking up to a Mediterranean sun every morning? Palmera Club offers you the opportunity to start your adventure. We're proud to offer a chance to be a part of a company that cares for your personal success.

Castings and seminars

CastingIn addition, we organize Seminars and Trainings periods in different countries for the next summer and winter season to help our potential employees to understand and excel at the job, all free of charge. We take value in making sure all of our staff receives the best training and preparations before they join a team.

In Seminar we will be welcoming our new applicants as well as utilizing some of our best experienced staff to help educate and share their love for the job with the recruits and we will be covering a variety of aspects involved with representing Palmera Club in a professional setting:

  1. Team Communication
    Discussing the solid foundations of team communication: be it organizing team goals, assigning responsibilities amongst the team, or even the successful methods of conflict resolution.
  2. Perfecting the Smile
    Learning to wear a smile all day shouldn't be stressful; we like to encourage our staff to set their minds to finding something to smile about. A happy outlook from our staff helps to promote happiness wherever they go.
  3. Taking Care of the Customer
    Palmera Club likes to know that our staff can warmly greet a customer from anywhere in the world. Simple language briefings and a review of cultural manners help us make sure no customer receives inferior service from our staff.
  4. Better Understanding Tourism (Consider rephrasing)
    A short look at Tourism as business as well as a lifestyle helps our trainees to better understand the challenge they are taking on, as well as how to handle some of the problems they might encounter during their career in tourism


Job OfferWe're looking for young, dynamic, flexible people with a balanced collection of skills. Over 18 years old, with the desire to challenge themselves to give their best. Whether you have experience or not, Palmera Club invites you to discover a new way of life.

Palmera Club has a broad variety of positions available for the upcoming summer and winter season:

All-Around Animators, Sports Animators, Kids Animators, sound & light DJs, Choreographers, Stenographers, Chief Animators, Dancers, Costume Tailors, Decorators, Fitness Instructors, Graphic Designers, Hostess and Public Relation.

Palmera Club is also looking for professional performers like acrobats, jugglers, singers, magician, and circus acts, or performing famous shows from all over the world; a daring Capoeira act, a hip-shaking , Brazilian Samba, a captivating night of Magic & Mystery, Russian Ballet, or Chinese tumbling...

Working for Palmera Club has lots of benefits. All of our staff work with comprehensive medical insurance, full accommodation and board, a secure contract, Flight Ticket reimbursement, Seminar and Training and an attractive monthly salary that reflects your abilities; all while enjoying the sun in the beautiful Mediterranean countries.

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